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Afra vandad Iranian

Afra vandad Iranian Industrial Equipment (AFRA) knowledge-based company :

Afra Vandad Iranian Industrial Equipment Company was established as a spin off company of Parto Sanat Pazh Company in 2019 and its goal is localization and self-sufficiency in the field of petrochemical industry packaging lines and complete construction of these lines in the country. Focusing on new technologies in design and innovation in mechanisms, analysis and simulation of packaging lines and successful manufacturing of sensitive and widely used parts of these equipment, the company has honored to be entitled as a knowledge-based company from the Science and Technology Vice President of Iran in the field of packaging equipment. Based on Parto Group’s 7 years of experience in the field of localization of packaging line spare parts, Afra Vandad Iranian Knowledge-based Company as a pioneer in this field has signed a contract design and manufacturing of the first complete Iranian packaging line including FFS BAGGING MACHINE, PALLATIZER and SHIRINK HOOD with one of the largest petrochemical holdings in Iran.