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Parto Sanat Pazh (PSP) company (knowledge-based)

Designer and Manufacturer of Sensitive Rotary Equipment (Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressors and Screw Extruders for Polymer Produce-Line)


One of the most widely used equipments used in various industries such as oil, gas, refining, petrochemical and steel industries are Gear integrated centrifugal compressors. In particular, the company’s products have been used in the following applications: Air tools packages for refineries Supply of compressed air used in air separation plants (ASU – Air Separation Units), Supply of nitrogen used in nitric acid production process in petrochemical industries Supply of furnace cooling gases, furnace seals and process gas used in direct iron reduction (DRI) design Integrally geared centrifugal compressor’s properties: Ability to adjust the rotational speed in different stages. Ability to use different dimensions for the impellers. Higher efficiency. Use of more efficient intercoolers. Maximum suction flow about 690,000 cubic meters per hour. Reduction of noise and vibration of the device due to uniform movement of gas. Long-term repair period Higher resistance to environmental factors such as dust. Ability to work with a wide range of compressible fluids such as helium, xenon, oxygen and liquid nitrogen.

Petrochemical industries extruder

Extruders are one of the most widely used equipment in petrochemical industries and polymer material production units, which are used in different types of single and twin. Single-screw extruders usually have a higher output speed than twin-screw extruders, but their homogenization power is less, and for this reason, two consecutive extruders are usually used in this type of production line to first perform of mixing and homogenization process and second extrude the mixed product. Twin extruders are of co-Rotating and counter-Rotating type. In a counter-rotating twin extruder, the material is cut and compressed (like what happens in rolling), that is, the material is compressed between rollers with different rotational directions. In a twin extruder with the same direction of rotation, the material is transferred from one screw shaft to another, which causes shear stresses, melting and transferring of polymeric materials.